Sound Healing Therapy

Sound Healing & Quantum Sound Therapy

Throughout human history sound and music have been utilized to uplift humanity and bring inspiration, transcendence and healing to the Soul. In our modern world of today we face an unprecedented level of stress and environmental dissonance in the electromagnetic field in which we live. This is reflected in our fast paced stressful lifestyles and the EMF frequencies to which our human biofield is being constantly challenged to adjust to and maintain balance. The result is a dominance of high wave beta brain activity which when prolonged has been linked to various conditions. The current epidemic of problems with focus, attention and memory, fatigue, anxiety, depression, and insomnia are often accompanied with high beta stress levels and adrenal stress. Alpha brain wave states that lead to relaxation, theta states to enhanced creativity and problem solving and delta states for deep restorative sleep are often lacking.


Sound healing can support the return of these healing restorative states and reduce the impact of stressful physiological conditions. We utilize ancient Tibetan Healing bowls, crystal alchemical bowls and lyres and a vibratory monochord table to promote resonance and balance. An energy and voice assessment is conducted before sessions to determine the most helpful tones for you and a recorded sound healing program given.

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Sound Healing & Quantum Sound Therapy

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