The Hidden Code of Revelation I and II – This is a profound study book and manual that provides important information to uncovering the hidden message of Saint John’s revelation, using the information giving to us by Mystic Christianity and various wisdom traditions. An important tool into understanding our close connection to angels and archangels, and how this relationship to the divine forces of the holy spirit can impact the spiritual evolution and development of humanity both collectively and individually.
Includes exercises and meditations that provide a deeper healing on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual dimensions of our consciousness.



Awakening Love – This book offers a practical and efficient method into the study of the human personality. Making use of the Enneagram personality types and the study of the anatomy of the energy body, one can learn how to transform the dark side of our personality into the divine gifts of our spiritual being. The key for this process is unconditional love, personified in the teaching of Jesus and many other masters from various wisdom traditions.

Through exercises and meditations offered in this book, you will be able to achieve this transformation and unite the human and divine nature in your heart, awakening to unconditional Love.



Divine Partnership – Explores the energetic dynamics of our closest relationships. Helping each individual to consciously liberate the energy and power of love in its pure form of expression, allowing couples to heal themselves, achieve spiritual transformation and reconnect to highest level of commitment in their partnership.

Through exercises and meditations offered in this book, you will be able to achieve peace and harmony in all your relationships.

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