Biofield Psychotherapy

Biofield Psychotherapy

The human biofield is a complex tapestry of energy centers and meridians that flow through our physical, emotional and mental bodies. The biofield has been demonstrated to hold the information and memories of our experiences and traumas as an extension of our subconscious mind. These thought-emotion-sensory bundles of energy impact and block the flow of our life force and form the ground in which mental and emotional illnesses can form. Biofield psychotherapy assists you to uncover, reconcile and heal dissonant unwanted traumatic memories and self-limiting thought and behavior patterns in your life. This therapeutic approach can be utilized in various mental health conditions: Post-traumatic stress condition, depression and anxiety disorders, marital and family issues, addiction, psychosomatic conditions, insomnia and managing life style change.s


Biofield psychotherapy alone or in conjunction with natural and pharmaceutical support can offer an added benefit for the treatment of a variety of mental health conditions.

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